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Whether B2B or B2C, it's harder than ever to capture consumer attention. Your blog should be the source of affordable, qualified leads. But there are only so many hours in the day...

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Stop struggling to punch through the noise. Let our brand journalists create consistent quality content in collaboration with your team every week.

Your brand's own journalist

Forget about headaches finding, vetting, managing, and paying freelancers! We match your blog to a brand journalist with expert industry knowledge to shorten on-boarding and increase impact.

Your brand journalist adapts to your brand’s voice, tone, and objectives. You have an ally and a collaborator — without the overhead of a full seat on your team.

consistent high- quality content

Our Brand Journalism Approach infuses your brand’s blog with an editorial sensibility and a cohesive viewpoint. Each week, we deliver compelling original content that amplifies and enhances your brand. Your blog should be a source of pride and brand purpose. We call it blog bliss!

Content that converts

Content marketing is not just about building a brand that customers trust. It’s also about converting that trust into leads. A quality blog frequented by engaged stakeholders is more affordable and effective in the short term. And builds a stronger brand in the long term. 


Free up time to devote to other pressing priorities. Gain a collaborator with less overhead. 

With your brand journalist devoted to telling your brand’s story in all its facets, you’ll enjoy a stronger online presence that nurtures trust with prospects and clients. Efficiency plus quality equals success!

A measurable approach

We ❤️ metrics. In fact, a measurable approach is the only approach to brand journalism. We put analytics behind everything we do, including testing headlines, audience profiling, topic optimization, traffic analysis, A/B testing, and call-to-actions.

Global reach

We work with brands that reach global audiences. It's important for your brand to understand and talk to audiences from a variety of backgrounds. Our experience with diverse audiences gives us a deeper understanding of targeting content to segments.

Sell more

"Content that converts" is our mantra. We believe that conversion optimization is just as important with content as it is with product. Whether the conversion is a newsletter signup, a sales lead, or a whitepaper download, we craft content that converts.

Personalized content

Content personalization has become a best practice. This means that we work with you to personalize our content to both your brand's voice and your brand's audiences. We employ a variety of audience profiling tools to craft the best message to the right segment.

Build your list

Gone are the days of organic traffic to your blog from social. Today, it's pay-to-play on all the biggest platforms. Building your own list based on quality content gives you a list qualified on trust, not just generic sales interest.

Amplify your lead gen

Facebook's average CPC increased double digits last quarter. Enhance your lead generation performance by using your brand's blog to generate and nurture leads throughout the funnel.


Discover the power of consistent editorial-quality content in your brand's voice. Your blog will never be the same again!

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