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The top COVID-19/coronavirus hashtags

During a crisis, communications move quickly. To keep track of the latest, it’s helpful to know which hashtags are being used. For brands, it’s even more important to understand the various hashtags so that you don’t inadvertently use one that is tone-deaf, inappropriate, or off-brand. Here are the top COVID-19/coronavirus… 👁‍🗨 Read more
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What is paid media? Defining the essential distribution channel for your brand marketing strategy

Paid media is a critical part of any brand marketing strategy, as it provides content amplification for content published on owned media channels. If you're lucky enough to have the budget for paid media, then focus on audience segmentation and conversion rate. If you're still fighting for budget, then you must focus even more on audience segmentation and conversion rate! 👁‍🗨 Read more

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