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Ghost Works helps your company’s blog reach its maximum potential. We call this blog bliss℠! Our team of brand journalists streamlines the content creation process and increases the consistency and quality of the content you publish on your company blog. Gone are the days of feeling guilty that you’re not spending enough time on your blog! Say hello to the blog you deserve: an active showcase of what makes your brand unique. 

Why this? Why now?

Alongside social media, paid search, word-of-mouth and public relations, content is a vital piece of the marketing mix. If you need a bit more of a primer, the video on the right from Content Marketing Institute is an excellent resource for a foundational appreciation of the power of content marketing for brands.

Ghost Works helps craft stronger editorial voices on the most important owned media channel — your company blog. We amplify and enhance your existing efforts to complement and expand overall impact on business goals.

Having that real respect for content will reward you if you invest in it.
It's not something that can be done easily, cheaply, or quickly.

Christie Poulos | Global Head of Video, King Content

Problems solved: Brands

After having run several blogs — and selling one to a popular social networking app — we have learned that companies seek a content production process that is easy, cheap, and quick. It’s the Holy Grail of content!

Until Ghost Works, there has never been a service focused on delivering editorial-quality content at scale. Sure, there have been freelancer marketplaces — but this is end-to-end boutique blog management without the admin hassle. 

We strive for an easy-to-implement process that’s affordable and efficient without sacrificing quality. That’s what we call blog bliss℠!

The process begins immediately after you sign up for the our blog management service. No proposal or back-and-forth. We have created an on-boarding process that gathers as much information as possible up front. Then we take it from there. You’ll receive your weekly articles for review!

No more freelancer vetting, managing or invoicing. No delays, no excuses. Your blog will feature quality content, consistently.

Our pricing is transparent and clear. While cost is often in the eye of the beholder, we have priced our service competitively. When you factor in the soft costs of freelancer management, we provide incredible value thanks to our streamlined process infused by decade-plus of experience. 

We don’t employ sales people, have expensive offices, or spend money on expensive developers. This saves us money, and we pass this directly on to our clients.

After the initial on-boarding phase, your actual time invested is around an hour or less a week. Once we have aligned with your brand, and begin making connections within your team and company, we are self-sufficient.

You can trust us to do the leg work and deliver the quality content that your blog deservers with only a small amount of time on your part. It will seem quick to you, as we take over the nitty gritty!

Creative Live recommends budgeting 25% of a freelancer’s hours for unpaid activities like billing, client service, and marketing to find new clients.

Unbillable hours make it hard for freelancers to earn a consistent, predictable living. This makes it hard to budget!

By working with Ghost Works, we provide stability outside of the ‘freelancer marketplace’ or RFP grind.

Each client has its own unique needs. And freelance writers take time away from their core skill to navigate this flow. Client service is essential to aligning objectives and managing expectations.

Ghost Works layers account management across its boutique blog management services to allow our brand journalists to focus on their core skill: creating compelling content for your company’s blog. 

The not-so-secret truth is that every freelancer is owed money. At some point, a company is either late in paying — or never pays at all.  This is not only deflating and soul-crushing but also makes it hard for freelancers to budget! 

We match writers to brands, eliminating the need for writers to manage payments owed from many clients. This makes for a better experience for both clients and writers, increasing productivity and reducing churn.

Problems solved: Writers

As a freelance writer and journalist, Nick has experienced it all: the time spent finding new clients, the raw frustration of not being paid on time, the deflating powerlessness of not being paid at all. Freelancers take on a lot of risk with little support. He felt like there had to be a better way. 

Ghost Works aims to take care of its journalists and make freelancing life predictable and fulfilling through respect and regular work. 

Nick has been creating content for over a decade now 😱. He started off making videos for Al Gore’s Current TV, Lonely Planet TV, and as a YouTube Partner. He learned very quickly how important it was to travel light — and create content quickly and efficiently.  This consumer portion of his career plays a foundational role in how Nick approaches content for businesses. 

From restaurants to a niche media brand, Nick has been creating businesses on and off throughout his career. He matched his love of business and journalism to work at tnooz as North American reporter, global events lead, and eventually Editorial Director. He also learned how to navigate content in a corporate environment as the Senior Brand Journalist at travel tech company Sabre. 

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Ghosts 👻

One of the reasons why we chose the name ‘Ghost Works’ is that we wanted journalists to be comfortable joining our ranks of ghost writers. It’s not always practical for a practicing journalist to offer a byline to a company. Sometimes that commercial/editorial line is more like a chasm. So some of our writers are not ready to be mentioned here. 

But regardless of publicity, we require each of our brand journalists to have a verifiable, in-depth knowledge of their chosen industries. As we bring ghosts on full-time, we encourage them to drop the sheet and share their affiliation. So check back here — as we grow there will be more to celebrate!

Creating great content is difficult, and delivering great content consistently
through established processes is complex. However, this is what is required if you
want to take your brand from good to great.

James Keady | Digital marketing manager, McLaren Automotive

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